It’s ER, not AR

For years, our industries have used the term Alternate Reality and now the term has been adapted for the digital and interactive media markets, “ARGs”  Alternate Reality Games.  This acronym is well established and benefits from a large amount of traction in the growing interactive media industry.

New technologies, brought in large part from the introduction of Google’s “Street View”, and the integration of a compass into existing GPS technology in mobile devices, have now changed the stage for how we can consume and interact with our immediate environment.  These technologies allow a user to layer information over their physical surroundings when looking through a camera on their mobile device.  The prospects for the future of this technology is endless – not to mention very indicative of a Geordie LaForge visor from Star Trek TNG.  Well this technology has taken up the acronym “AR” for augmented reality.  I have to argue (go figure a lawyer finding something to argue about…) that this acronym is far to likely to be confused with alternate reality, which is something completely different.  For this reason I am now using the term “ENHANCED REALITY” or “ER” for short, I think this terminology is equally as descriptive and accurate as its predecessor with the benefit of not being as confusing with other great strides in the digital/interactive media landscape.  Next time I think I will get a little more into what’s happening in the ER and some of the potential it holds.

Stay tuned…

Enter the bandit, “AR”… if nothing

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